Cirrus Insight is a plugin for Gmail and Outlook for salespeople.

Founded in 2011, Cirrus Insight sales enablement platform for Gmail and Outlook offers an all-in-one sales productivity platform with world-class Salesforce integration.

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Cirrus Insight has been on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for three consecutive years.

The leader in managing sales processes right from your inbox, 250,000 professionals use Cirrus Insight to increase productivity. Fortune 500 companies and freelancers use Cirrus Insight for email tracking, email templates, drip campaigns, follow up reminders, meeting scheduling, attachment tracking, and world-class Salesforce integration.

Our Team Leaders


Phil Dixon


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Jimmy Jarrett

Chief Technology Officer

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Cameron McClain

VP of Sales and Customer Success

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Kevin Washington

Project Manager

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Jason deForest

Director of Customer Support

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Amy Green

Director of Marketing

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Tami Ashraf

Senior Controller

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