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Automate scheduling and let Cirrus Insight sync everything with Salesforce.

Share your unique calendar link or availability in a button display in your emails. Cirrus Insight sends the invites, allows attendees to respond to custom pre-meeting questions, and records everything in Salesforce (including recurring events, updates, and changes). Every activity syncs with Salesforce, every time.

Unique Calendar Links

Allow customers and prospects to choose a time that works for them to reduce friction.

Personalized Scheduling Experience

Setup custom meeting types, set availability, and create selected available buttons within your emails.

Book on behalf of someone

Access team members calendars to share their availability or book on their behalf.


Manage your calendar from your inbox sidebar

With Cirrus Insight you don’t have to log in to any other application. Set up your meeting types and availability—everything happens from the inbox sidebar.

New feature!! With Book Meeting, meeting hosts can select pre-set available days and times to insert into the body of an email. Customers and prospects can book with a click of a button right from the email.
Customize your booking page with your brand, a photo, bio, and contact information—everything your prospects need to know.
Preselect days and times that are available for meetings. It’s perfect if you (or your team members) split your time in different office locations or focus on a variety of activities on different days.
With Cirrus Insight, you can designate a variety of meeting types, like “overview demo,” “discovery calls,” and “proposal reviews.” Replicate your most common meetings so you can spend more time on value-added activities and less time on repeating tasks.
Add pre-meeting questions to your calendar page to collect helpful information and make your meetings more productive. These qualifying questions help ensure you are focused on your customer’s needs.
Elise Tatosian
“I use Gmail and the best part is the calendar sync. This is especially helpful when I am trying to sync my personal calendar with my business calendar. The Salesforce integration on this app is seamless. I give it 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.”
Elise Tatosian

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